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2014-2015 Financial Aid Early Estimator Student Information (Confidential)

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If you and your parents complete and submit to us all of the information requested in the following Estimator Form, we will return to you an estimate of your eligibility for financial aid from Federal, State and Institutional sources.

Please note: We will not begin processing Early Estimator Forms for 2015-16 until September 2014.

Student Information:
Last Name:* First Name:*
Social Security Number (optional): E-Mail Address:*
Mailing Address:*
City:* State:* Zip:*
Phone Number:*
Date of Birth:*
Name of High School/College Currently Attending:
Commute from Home
Live on Campus
Year in College during 2014-2015:
Student's Estimated 2013 Earnings: Student's Savings and Assets:
Parent Information:

This information should be for the parent(s) with whom you have lived, and/or who provided most of your support during the past 12 months.  If this parent has remarried, you MUST provide income/asset information for their spouse/stepparent as well.  If the marital status is single, divorced/separated and both parents are living in the house, you must provide information for both.

1st Parent:
Last Name: First Name:
City: State: Zip:
Daytime Phone:
Last Name: First Name:
Daytime Phone:
Age of older parent with whom you live:
Parent marital status:
Are your parents Alumni (at least 60 credits or a degree) of Aquinas College?
Yes   No
If so, who?
Total size of household in 2014-2015 (including parents):
Number of household members to be enrolled at least half-time in college in 2014-2015 (exclude parents):
Estimated 2013 Adjusted Gross Income (line 37 from 2012 federal 1040):
Estimated U.S. Income Tax paid in 2013 (line 55 from 2012 federal 1040):
Father or stepfather's estimated 2013 earnings:
Mother or stepmother's estimated 2013 earnings:
Parents' estimated 2013 non-taxable benefits:
Child support received:
Social Security received:
Payments to tax-deferred pensions & savings plans:
Other (welfare, ADC, etc.):
State in which parents live:
Child support PAID in 2013:
Private elementary and secondary tuition paid in 2013 (Do not include that paid for the student for whom the estimate is being made):
Parents' cash, savings, and checking:
Current market value of stocks, bonds, CDs, other real estate, and other investments (Do not include home or cumulative retirement accounts):
Unpaid balance on investments of the above:
Net worth (value minus debt) of business or investment farm (not personal farm/residence):