Scholarship Recommendation Form

Scholarship Recommendation Form
  • This form is to be completed by the Music Teacher only.
  • Music Teachers: Please submit this recommendation form for your music student who is applying to Aquinas College for a scholarship.
  • For priority consideration, this form should be postmarked or hand delivered by March 14, 2015
  • Mail to: Barbara Witham McCarger, Music Chair, Aquinas College, 1607 Robinson Road SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506-1799
  • Items marked with an asterisk ( * ) are required.
Applicant Information
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High School Attended:
Music Teacher's Name:
How long have you known the applicant, and in what capacity (be thorough)?

What do you believe are the strengths of this applicant as a music student?

What do you believe are the personal strengths of the applicant?
What other information would you like the music faculty to know about the applicant?
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