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Aquinas College Housing Application for First-Year and Transfer Students

Must be completed by the admitted student. May NOT be completed by a parent.
Items marked with an asterisk ( * ) are required.
Demographic Information
First Name:* Preferred Name/Nickname:
Middle Initial: Last Name:*
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Class Status:* Academic Interest:

Roommate Request
If you would like to identify the name of one preferred roommate, please list the student's full name here:

NOTE: Requests must be mutual. We must receive a request from both individuals in order for the request to be considered. Your preferred roommate must be admitted as an Aquinas student and must have submitted his/her deposit in order for the Residence Life Office to consider the request.


If you wish to change your roommate request after submitting this form, please email your request to No changes will be accepted after June 15.


Room Request Information
1.) Please identify any interests or activities in which you actively or regularly participate (check all that apply):
Arts & Museums Movies & Entertainment Photography
Card and/or Fantasy Games Music & Dance Reading
Community Service Outdoor Sports Theatre
Exercise & Fitness Outdoor Recreational Activities Video games
Indoor Sports Praise & Worship Groups  
2.) Faith and/or Spirituality are:
3.) What kind of relationship do you hope to have with your roommate(s)?
4.) I prefer to keep my room:
5.) I prefer the temperature in my room to be:
6.) I prefer that the atmosphere in my room is:
7.) I can fall asleep:
8.) I am a:
9.) In terms of study habits, I typically study:
10.) Sports I plan to participate in at Aquinas:

Men's Baseball

Men's Soccer Dance Team
Men's Basketball Men's Tennis Women's Lacrosse
Men's Bowling Men's Track & Field Women's Soccer
Men's Cross Country Women's Basketball Women's Softball
Men's Golf Women's Bowling Women's Tennis

Men's Hockey

Cheerleading Women's Track & Field
Men's Lacrosse Women's Cross Country Women's Volleyball

Aquinas College residential facilities are smoke free and alcohol use is only permitted for students who are at least 21 years of age. However, as smoking and alcohol consumption may manifest themselves in individual behavior, they may have an impact on roommates. Please answer these questions accurately and honestly.
11.) Check one of the following:

I do not smoke and do not want to live with a roommate who smokes.

I do not smoke, but I do not mind living with a roommate who smokes.
I do smoke (regularly or occasionally).
12.) Check one of the following:
I prefer to live with a roommate who does not drink alcohol.
I don’t mind living with a roommate who drinks alcohol.

13.) Do you have any medical (e.g. allergies), psychological, or physical requirements that may affect your housing assignment?
Yes, please describe:

In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), and with the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, students with diagnosed disabilities who may need some form of disability-related housing consideration should submit their request to La Tonia Plunkett , Director for Academic & Learning Services at 616-632-2166 or


14.) What are you hoping to gain from you college experience?*

15.) Do you have any other housing preferences? (Note:  We cannot guarantee placement in a preferred room, however we will consider your preference when making room assignments.)



Reservation for Campus Housing

I hereby submit this application for a room in the Aquinas residential facilities.  I am also submitting my enrollment deposit of $200 to reserve a space in campus housing either by calling Aquinas College Student Accounts (616) 632-2864 to pay with Visa/ Mastercard or by mail to:

Aquinas College Admission
c/o Mary Sue Barnes
1607 Robinson Rd SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

I give my approval for the Residence Life Office to provide my cell phonenumber number and e-mail address as contact information for my assigned roommate.
I agree
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